Business Administration


(According to the credit system, apply from K63)

(Issued together with Decision No: 1237 /QĐ-ĐHHHVN-ĐT dated on 08-06-2022 )

Code of Major: 752340101                  Name of Major: Business Administration

Name of Specialization: Business and Marketing Management-BMM

Code: 7340101A403

Education Level: University

Duration: 4 years

1. Training objectives

The Business and Marketing Management training program helps students:

Have broad theoretical knowledge and solid practical knowledge in the field of business management and marketing.

Have basic knowledge of social sciences, political science and law.

Have knowledge of information technology to meet job requirements.

Have knowledge of planning, organizing and monitoring processes in business management and marketing.

Have skills in problem solving, leadership, entrepreneurship, job creation, criticism, work evaluation, communication, good foreign language ability.

Work independently, guide and supervise others to perform work, plan and coordinate resources effectively.

Have good ethics, good character, industrial style, good sense of organization and discipline.

Have social responsibility, responsibility to the community, environmental protection.

Know how to use research tools and econometric software to conduct independent research and develop research capacity for higher education.

2. Learning Outcome (knowledge)